"My Polaris has taken me places where myth has become reality"  Bill Miller
Harrison Hot Springs is a quaint little village nestled at the southernmost end of Harrison Lake. The lake itself is famous for its being the largest lake in south-western
BC, with over 37 miles of beautiful lake settings to enjoy. The deep blue lake, along with its heavily forested green mountain slopes, snow-capped peaks, and blue sky
all combine for a spectacular view of nature in all its splendor.

Come ride along with us as we take you into Sasquatch country that so few have ever experienced. Listen as your guide talks about the best evidence found to date
pertaining to existence of the creature known as "Sasquatch." Let us tell you what we believe the Sasquatch to be and how and why it has remained elusive for so
long. Your adventure is sure to be a most memorable one, filled with on-location eye-witness accounts, beautiful scenery, and plenty of amusing anecdotes.

Experience the six passenger Polaris Ranger Crew UTV which offers a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride for passengers of all ages. This vehicle, along with your
guide, will expertly and efficiently access territory that standard vehicles would have a difficult time maneuvering over. Our vast knowledge and constant monitoring of
the forest service roads and their ever changing condition ensures the highest level of safety to our passengers.

So whether you have an interest in the creature known as "Sasquatch" or are just wanting to get out for an adventurous open-air ride through some of the most
spectacular scenery found anywhere, Sasquatch Country Adventures is sure to be a most memorable experience for all.
"Either the most complex and sophisticated hoax
in the history of Anthropology has continued for
centuries without being exposed or the most
manlike and largest non human primate has
managed to survive in parts of North America and
remains undiscovered by modern science."

Professor G.W. Gill - President of the American
Board of Forensic Anthroplogy
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