JUNE 6, 2012


HARRISON HOT SPRINGS, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Sasquatch Country Adventures (SCA) is offering tourists, adventure seekers and curious visitors from
across the globe a chance to explore one of the world’s most talked-about mysteries. Beginning May 29th, SCA embarked on its first season, providing
personalized, educational and entertaining mini-adventures in an area that is a global hot spot for Sasquatch (Bigfoot) sightings.

This year, Sasquatch Country Adventures ( unveiled its new six-passenger, open-air Polaris Ranger UTV.  This highly
customized utility vehicle takes visitors into the heart of Sasquatch country, providing a means to visit areas where countless witnesses have reported
Sasquatch sightings.

“Our goal at Sasquatch Country Adventures is to give our clients a first-hand experience of what it is like to track the Sasquatch,” says Bill Miller, SCA founder
and president, and a full-time Sasquatch investigator.  In addition to providing access to the area’s scenery and wildlife, the SCA outings includes a chance to
learn more about the Sasquatch, including information on local sightings, its history and the scientific research around the legendary creature.  Guests
examine evidence from previous sightings, including track casts and photographs, in an experience that’s an entertaining mix of information and exploration.

The Sasquatch Country Adventures season is weather-dependent, and is generally busiest from May to September, but is open year-round.  Outings are
typically two hours and start at $90 per person with a reduced rate for multiple seat bookings at the time of purchase. Outings are highly customizable, with
group, private and multi-day offerings available upon request.  

Expert guides include well-known researchers, authors and photographers (Thomas Steenburg and Barry Blount among them) who have decades of
experience in unraveling the mysteries of Sasquatch.  SCA is the only business in the lower mainland of BC to offer guided outings to Sasquatch sighting
locations with actual Sasquatch field researchers, all with the added convenience of a UTV that offers access to otherwise difficult-to-reach terrain.

Miller and his team have had their worked profiled in documentaries including Bigfoot’s Reflection, Bigfoot: The Definitive Guide and Monster Quest, as well as
in the news media including Global News, Shaw News, The Progress Newspaper and The Georgia Straight.

“The Harrison Hot Springs area is frequently referred to as the Sasquatch capital of the world, and for good reason,” Miller says.  “Sightings in the area go back
for countless generations, and the Sasquatch has become a defining element in our local culture and traditions.”

Located in the Fraser Valley, 90 minutes from Vancouver, Harrison Hot Springs is home to many Sasquatch-related tourism opportunities, including nearby
Sasquatch Provincial Park, as well as Ruby Creek, the site of an impressive Sasquatch sighting that has been documented in numerous books,
documentaries and television productions.  The area is also the location where a young Sasquatch was purportedly captured in 1884.

“Despite the work of countless investigators, the number of questions that remain about Sasquatch is daunting,” Miller says.  “Like the other researchers I work
with, I have my own theories about what the creature is, but my main interest is in finding conclusive evidence that will ultimately prove its existence to the world
at large.  I appreciate the chance to share this quest with visitors to the area.”

For more information, contact:

Bill Miller / President and CEO
Sasquatch Country Adventures
Tel:  (604) 796-5570

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