The Apes Among Us     John Green

Evidence continues to accumulate and now that witnesses can submit information via the internet the trickle of reports
has become a flood. "The Apes Among Us" is acclaimed as the definitive work on the fascinating subject of whether
humans share North America with a giant bipedal primate that is unknown to science.
Sasquatch: Bigfoot : The Continuing Mystery     Thomas Steenburg

Was it merely an Indian legend told to early explorers, a story characteristic of the native's culture? Or, were the
stories of giant hairy man-like apes actual reports of an animal that has managed to mystify its researchers and
elude western civilization for nearly 300 years. This title concentrates on 23 sightings in Alberta and British
In Search Of Giants      Thomas Steenburg

Read about a true-life mystery! The puzzle of the Sasquatch has been ongoing since the first men settled the
West and heard stories from the Native population about strange and elusive large, hairy creatures
John Green is the pre-eminent authority on
Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot.  He has 50
years of research assembled of more than 4000
reports.  These reports have been made
accessible in an
on-line database.
Bigfoot's Reflections   Evan Beloff

Shot on location in high definition in the Pacific rain forests, the hour long POV documentary is a
modern psychological and ecological exploration of the giant ape-man legend of North America
from the perspective of those who choose to study it and guard its wild habitat.
Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot

An exciting adventure into the dark forests of the pacific northwest to follow the trail of the
most-sighted most-popular mystical beast in the world. Narrated By Leonard Nimoy.
Meet The Sasquatch      Christopher L. Murphy, John Green, Thomas Steenburg

Meet The Sasquatch is an amazing, intrinsically interesting, in-depth, informed and informative
compendium presenting all that is known or suspected about the Sasquatch with detailed information and
full-color photography, written for believers and skeptics alike.