"I finally have a minute to write you and thank you so much for all your information and for being so warm and courteous to my family and
myself. My son (Garrett) found the experience very - very interesting and as soon as we got home he told his grandma all about it.

We thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts that you were so kind and had our safety at the top of your list. Please thank Thomas
from ALL of us as well. We all sure enjoyed your company while we had it and I thank you for sending me the email's afterwards as you
promised to do so.  

Thank you again and we hope to see you soon. Keep up the great BIGFOOT work!"

Pamela Hutchings
Edmonton, Alberta
"What a great time! We went places I didn't think we could go, what a machine. Thanks for the experience! We are planning on making this a
annual event, looking forward to next year already."

D. Mercer
Chilliwack, BC
"Just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed last week's Sasquatch Country Adventure. Your Polaris Ranger is an absolutely
incredible vehicle - a rock-climber that takes any obstacle, no matter the size or grade, with the greatest of ease - and in such comfort I
would have never thought possible.

What beautiful scenery along the way! And the gorgeous view at the end of the trail! By the way: Have you solved the mystery of the
scratching pole - 'whodunnit'? Too bad we didn't spot the elusive Sasquatch, however, we did get to share the trail with a momma bear and
her two cubs on the way down - to whom we graciously afforded the right-of-way.

I love your dedication to what you've set out to do and I'm holding my breath for the day when your diligent search will bear fruit and we'll
finally get to have proof of Sasquatch's existence.

Thanks again for a lovely afternoon in the wild of our spectacular back-country!"
Karrie M.                                                                                            (Click
here for photo)
Hope, BC
"We had a great time on our tour with both of you. We were very impressed at how smooth of a ride your polaris gave under such rough
terrain. We loved seeing the bear prints in the mud and being able to see the family of grouse up close. It was a very enjoyable tour that
gave every family member what they wanted; detailed information about sasquatch, beautiful views and wildlife sightings. We wanted to
thank both of you for a great experience."

The Nussey Family
"Thanks for the fun and laughter last week Bill!  The Polaris is an awesome little machine and even more fun in the back! ha! I look forward to
more adventures down the road."

The trip was very interesting and the scenery fantastic. Hearing all your stories about Sasquatch and the variety of perspectives was great.
It's interesting to me that although many folks have different thoughts and theories around Sasquatch, at the root of it they all collectively
agree it in fact is out there. You and Thomas have so much information and experience to share with those wanting to learn about Sasquatch
and go on a cool trip up into the hills for a little hunt!"
here for photo)
Shelly T.
Vancouver Island, BC
"We all had a really great time. Thomas made it even more fun with our 4x4 ride up those steep inclines. It was a great day and I will
recommend you guys to friends and family."

Kim Parley
Vancouver, BC
"I would like to thank you for the exciting excursion Sasquatch Country Adventures provided me in September 2012.

The resident knowledge and field experience of you and your authoritative investigator and well known author provided me a most exciting
adventure.   That combined with the Polaris UTV trail expedition gave me access to the dense forest of BC which resulted in a most memorable

I am a Sasquatch researcher and to hear factual information and visit documented Sasquatch sighting locations with known subject matter
experts made the excursion a once in a lifetime experience.

The entire expedition into the back-country aboard the Polaris was an adventure that someone must experience for themselves!

It was an incredible excursion that will bring me back to Harrison Hot Springs as my new favorite vacation spot for years to come!  And I will
recommend it to my family and friends here in the United States!"

Carol S.
Washington, USA
"I had a great time on Bill Miller’s Sasquatch Adventure! Bill Miller and Thomas Steenburg met me at the hotel and took me into the back
country of the Fraser Valley west of Harrison Lake . What a beautiful country it was and I got to see a lot of it in a six passenger Polaris
Ranger. Along with fantastic weather and beautiful forest I was regaled with their own personal stories and local legends of Sasquatch. I
found them funny, friendly, knowledgeable and obviously very passionate about their research about Bigfoot.

I was treated to campfire cuisine, fossil hunting and lots of fresh air. I was escorted back to my hotel safe and sound and Bill was right, I slept
like a baby.

I wanted to do some shopping in downtown Harrison Hot Springs and Bill was very accommodating to my schedule and made sure I got the
most out of his tour and received a poster and other chotchkies. This is a great time. I recommend this to anyone as I am a disabled veteran
and in my fifties. I got an adventure of a lifetime. Thank you Bill and Thomas."

Sue R.
Spokane, WA, USA
"Bill Miller is an excellent guide and Sasquatch Country Adventures was the highlight of our family trip! I would not hesitate to recommend
Bill to anyone interested in the field. Whether you are an avid Squatcher (my husband) or just beginning your journey into the world of
Bigfoot (me), Bill has the knowledge and experience to provide an entertaining  and educational tour.

Harrison Hot Springs is a beautiful area for a vacation having all the charm and activities available that you would expect from a destination
lakeside community.  In my opinion what sets Harrison apart is the enigma of the Sasquatch which is tied to the area and what better way to
explore this mystery than with a professional guide from the comfort of Bill's UTV.

Our thanks to Bill for going above and beyond and making our getaway to Harrison a memorable one!"

Brenda L.
Richmond, BC
"Just a note of thanks for the wonderful adventure …  It was an experience I can’t wait to share later with my family. I am very much looking
forward to coming back to Harrison Hot Springs and doing it again.

I was impressed how every aspect the adventure was thoughtfully planned and I appreciated your suggestion to take the afternoon tour as  
the weather was perfect and you were right about the best time to see bears! I was thrilled to see the mother bear and her three cubs that
we came upon!

Your Polaris UTV is a wonder as the terrain we covered would not have been anywhere as enjoyable attempting it in my SUV. The view of
Hope from the summit was most breathtaking. What an opportunity it was to actually see with my own eyes, the sighting locations around
Ruby Creek along with the incredible beauty of the forest in this unspoiled wilderness.

Thanks Again Bill, your wealth of information on the Sasquatch and ability to bring the facts of a story to life certainly made this a trip one to

Dee O.
Los Angeles, CA/USA
"Dennis and myself would like to say a Big thank you to the both of you for such a GREAT DAY, we really enjoyed ourselves on our Sasquatch  
Adventure, I learned such a lot that day and we also had such a laugh, which everyone knows is good for the soul."

"The cast made it safely home with us to England, and once we have finished building our log cabin (nearly there just needs the floor laying)
it will have pride of place on a shelf ...

Thank you again for making our trip to Harrison Hot Springs so special."

Lillian Thomson                                                                (Click
here for photo)
Coddington, England
"Just letting you know that the trip you took me on was a lot more than i expected. And while we didn't get to spot a Sasquatch,  your great
humour - plus the places your Polaris can go made it worth while. i took videos that I will cherish all my life if I don't loose my bloody camera
which so far (touch wood) hasn't happened. Anyway Bill ... thanks for everything - your a real gentleman and I can't wait to get on another
adventure with you."

Mark Kelly
Vevey, Switzerland
"I wanted to let you know that my husband and I had a great time on your tour this summer.  Everything was top-notch: you were flexible
with your time, your equipment was impressive, your stories were entertaining and informative, the trails were exotic, and the view at the
top of the hill was beautiful.  Long after the tour was over and were are back home, your stories were told over and over again to our
friends and family.  Thank you for a memorable trip, and best of luck in your continued search!  Say hi to the Sasquatch for us!"

Vancouver, BC

"I have always had a huge interest in the Sasquatch. I have always believed it existed and that I feel just because we all don't see one, it
doesn't mean that it does not exist. I have actually never seen a shark ... but I digress.

I was given a task of making a Documentary with three other producers at The British Columbia Institute of Technology. My first choice was
to do one on not just Sasquatch, but on Bill Miller himself. I had previously seen him on Bigfoot's Reflections and I recalled his charisma and
passion. I knew it had to be with Bill. Not only was he a wonderful host and a great story teller, he was most passionate about the subject. I
applaud Bill's determination, as well as Thomas' in their quest to seek the mystic creature. They took us to where some sightings had
happened, and told us the stories in detail that resulted in a wonderful radio documentary that was well received. The notoriety we received
from it, is all due to Bill. He set up the entire day so we could get what we needed, including all the interviews.

I intend to go back and see him and experience this adventure again in the summer. If you have any interest in this subject, Bill and Thomas
are the ones to talk to and also to have a fun day with. Even if you don't believe in Sasquatch (As one of the producers did not -- until we left)
you will leave wondering. Thank you, Bill and Thomas, for a fantastic experience. It will go down as one of the best in my life to date!"

Shaun  Aquiline
British Columbia Institute of Technology
"I would highly recommend a tour with Sasquatch County Adventures for anyone looking to get a sense of lower mainland BC's cultural and
natural history.

Bill's local and topical knowledge was incredible to experience. My partner and I came away with a greater appreciation for the beautiful
landscape surrounding Harrison, and a much deeper understanding of both local Sasquatch experiences as well as the greater context
surrounding the research and discourse on the creature.

Both gentlemen were friendly, and welcomed our curious inquiries - indeed, they had an answer for just about every question we had and
we had a lot! They were excellent tour guides, enabling us to obtain great photos of local natural attractions such as Rainbow Falls, Echo
Island and Mount Breckenridge. They brought us to places in the park that would have been otherwise inaccessible, and shared countless
stories of local occurrences, as well as sharing photographs and footprint castings, which were a definite highlight.

I came away from the tour with a greater respect for the depth of research that has gone into studying this elusive creature, and my partner
is definitely one step closer to being a believer! Thanks so much to Bill and Tom for sharing their passion. This was a once in a lifetime
experience - or it would be, if we weren't already planning to go back!"

Carrie and Adam Combs
Vancouver, BC
"My husband and I attended Bill’s Sasquatch tour in the beginning of May. My husband was visiting BC for the first time and he has a fairly
deep-rooted interest in Bigfoot. Knowing how popular Bigfoot is in Harrison, I wanted to find a way to give my husband an experience that he
would remember. I discovered Bill and Tom’s website after a quick search for things to do in and around Harrison and I was thrilled at the
idea of taking my husband out to search for Bigfoot. Bill and Tom did not disappoint! Not only did the tour take us into beautiful scenery with
gorgeous lookouts and views, but they were absolutely professional and incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Bigfoot and his
presence in the area. The stories they shared about their experiences were amazing, and Bill and Tom kept us entertained and laughing for
the whole tour. They are wonderful guys and would be great to hang out with! We highly recommend anyone to give this tour a try, even if
you are skeptical or don’t even believe Bigfoot exists. They may change your mind ;) Thank you Bill and Tom for making my husband’s trip
that much better, and giving him (and me!) an experience he won’t ever forget! The next time we are in Harrison we will definitely be heading
out with you both again."

Scott and Amanda Wright
Indiana, USA
"I can't thank you enough for this morning's adventure. I loved every minute of it."

Julie Ferguson
Freelance travel writer and photographer
"Thanks so much for the amazing time up in the mountains teaching our little "Squatchers" the tricks of the trade. We are still talking about
the amazing time we had up there and so appreciate the hours you took to show us around and teach us despite your busy schedule. It is a
memory we will never forget and hopefully we can come back again soon.
Have a wonderful summer!"
here for photo)
The Shilton's
Langley, BC
"We just wanted to thank-you both again for letting Shaw TV accompany you on a Sasquatch hunting adventure! We had a great time bombing
around in your off road vehicle while taking in all the breath taking views -- the scenery was spectacular! We have to admit, we were quite
skeptical about the validity of the elusive Sasquatch-- but after spending the day with you we were left pretty dumbfounded! You have some
really compelling evidence to support your theories. We loved all your Sasquatch stories, and we can’t help but think there must be SOME
truth to the Sasquatch mystery! Overall we had a fantastic time, and we can’t wait to tell our friends and family about our Sasquatch Country

Corrin Skalbeck, Producer/Host
Shaw Communications Inc.
"Thank you so much for an amazing adventure and overall great time!  The ride up the mountain was a blast and we were on high alert as we
all felt like Sasquatch could appear at any moment!  Your experiences were fascinating and your humor made the trip even more fun. Our 13
year old son had a great time and is still talking about the trip!  We really appreciate the passion you have for your research and it really
comes through in the details you shared with us.  Thanks also for the casts.  They'll be a fantastic conversation piece and a wonderful
reminder of a great family adventure!  Keep up your great work and be sure to let us know the next time you find more evidence.  Thanks
again for a wonderful trip!  Not many people can say they've been on a Sasquatch search with such an expert in the field."

The Dott Family
Madison, Wisconsin
"Jayes and I were very happy and had a great adventure on Saturday with Sasquatch Country Adventures! This past week leading up to that
day was priceless.  The foot casting will be a well loved story telling piece.  We are also going to have Jayes make his own book about this
and other Big foot expeditions.

Other than being a little chilly and short on time, we are so grateful for your time and sharing of your knowledge and experiences.  Thomas is
a great story teller and your ATV a very comfortable ride."

All the best and thank you.

"Thank you again, for taking me and my girlfriend (Michaela) and her son (Bret) up to the mountain for this Sasquatch Trip in your UTV (Sept 8,
2013).   I had an awesome time in your UTV seeing breath taking views and being able to stop off the road in order to take some awesome
pictures and take in the scenery.  We did see many other riders on their single ATV rides riding up to the mountain.  

Even though we did not see any wildlife, we did see wildlife foot prints (or I thought they were) LOL.  We did stop by off the road to pick up
some samples of the rock sediments left behind that we saw.
We then stopped by a nearby campsite to have a picnic lunch we brought up with us.   I told my family and friends that I went up to the
mountain for this trip trying to search for this elusive creature called “Bigfoot”.  They couldn’t believe it.  So the next time I see my family I will
have proof to show them for sure!!

I had an awesome time up here where you showed us where Bigfoot actually walked and that I have Bigfoot’s footprints to prove it.  My own
family couldn’t believe that I did this adventure.  Now I can show them proof that this is true.  Unbelievable Trip!!!  I was a city girl and I was
proud of myself for making this trip to the mountain top (LOL).  Can you believe that!!   After this trip, nobody can say that I didn’t try the
outback woods.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show us this unbelievable trip.  I will make sure, to tell all my family and
friends about this spectacular trip.  

I had an awesome time, but for sure, I will remember this trip forever with your story telling, the scenery and the breath taking views.  Bill, by
the way, thank you so much for the foot impressions of Sasquatch you gave me.  I will treasure them for always."  

Thank You,

Sylvia M.
Vancouver, BC
"Hey Bill: It was a great opportunity to partake in this Sasquatch adventure. I had tons of fun. I really enjoyed the stories about various
Sasquatch sightings. I now believe that Sasquatches do exist in our remote forests. It's an amazing experience that I would do over and over


"Great adventure ! Thanks Bill and Thomas"


"Tour was amazing and very educational, really enjoyed it. I initially thought that Bigfoot was just a fake. A great learning experience from
start to finish. As a result of this amazing adventure, I've gone from being a doubter to a believer"


"I wanted to thank you for the full day of fun and adventure.  My “gang” had a great time.  It was especially kind of you to spend so much
extra time sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.  We all are believers now! My footprint cast is sitting on my fireplace
mantel…and creates lots of fun debating. With all our new information, we can quiet those non believers. Six weeks after the fabulous day
with you, we are still viewing documentaries, and planning for another Sasquatch hunting trip …."

Kamloops, BC
"I can’t thank you enough for the four hour tour we took with you.  Not only did spending that time with you ignite new curiosities but it also
answered some of my life long questions about the elusive Sasquatch.

As a child growing up in Chilliwack, I was always intrigued but also a little scared of the Sasquatch.  That love of legends has now continued
on in my children’s lives.  When I saw the opportunity to spend time with someone who loved the same thing we all did, I knew a tour was
going to be the main focus of our trip to Harrison Hot Springs.  We drove from Powell River on the Thanksgiving weekend to camp at
Sasquatch Provincial Park and partake in this wonderful adventure that you offer.  We were unsure of which day would be best
(Saturday/Sunday) but after checking out weather patterns, Sunday seemed to look like our day.  My kids and I were so anxious for that day to

When we first met you, I could sense a very “real” quality about all the stories you told us.  I did not feel you were trying to convince any of
us that Sasquatch was real but instead simply sharing your vast knowledge on the topic.  The passion and love for what you do is infectious
and by the end of our time together, I believe my kids and I were not only more informed on the topic but we were also questioning things
we had never thought of before.  Plus, the Bigfoot cast that was given to us was truly the icing on the cake!  Not only have I shared it in my
classroom, my daughter has shared it with her classmates as well.  Owning a cast such as this is a lifelong dream.

Even my husband came away with a new appreciation of the Sasquatch.  Being he works in the bush almost every single day, he is very
aware of animal behaviour and footprints.  Interestingly, just last week when he was out on a service call, he did look down on the ground to
see if there were any type of unusual prints in the dust, so even the naysayer of the group has changed his mind somewhat.

Bill, I am finding it difficult to encapsulate everything into one letter.  Bottom line, my family’s first vacation to Harrison Hot Springs will not be
the last.  Not only that, I hope to be able to bring my extended family, including my two step sons, on a Sasquatch Country Adventure next
year.  Making this an annual event is something I hope to make happen for my family!
Thank you again for a most memorable experience and we can’t wait to meet again to tour the west side of the lake!"

April Dimond
Powell River, BC
"Cameron and I just wanted you to know we had such a great time with you this summer.  It was so great to take your adventure up on the
mountain!  Always a dream of mine to search for Bigfoot and I want to thank you for your knowledge, patience, humor and company.  Thanks
for stretching out our time.  We enjoyed every minute of it.  We hope to be able to come back soon to do another adventure with you.  As
soon as we retire we want to come to Harrison Hot Springs for a month or two to see it all."   

Lisa and Cameron
Lewiston, Idaho    USA
"Bill Miller and his guides were very knowledgeable about the science behind the Sasquatch, and the stories they shared had us all riveted.  
Combined they have decades of experience as Sasquatch investigators and Authors, and they were involved in my favourite documentary
about the subject (Bigfoot's Reflection).  They really know their stuff.

What I liked best was that they were able to explain the science behind the sightings, and interpret some of the evidence that's been
collected over the years.  They even had casts of Sasquatch tracks to show us, plus photographic evidence.

The Polaris UTV gave us great access to areas that would otherwise have been inaccessible.  The beautiful surroundings, expert guides and
fascinating stories combined to make this the highlight of our visit to the area.  We enjoyed every minute of the tour, and hope to repeat the
experience some day soon."

- J. Brown, Calgary, WestJet up! Magazine writer
"Bill Miller from Sasquatch Country Adventures is what every tour guide should be. He is courteous, patient, entertaining, and most of all,
very knowledgeable in his stories about the Sasquatch. At first, my husband was skeptical about what he called this myth but after hearing
Bill's stories  and seeing the evidence collected throughout the years by different experts, he now believes it existed.

Our kids call the ride in the Polaris extremely fun and the sights we all saw, the falls and the wildlife, we will cherish forever. Thank you Mr.

The Ko Family
Richmond, BC
"Thank you so much for our awesome Sasquatch outting with you and Thomas. You are both extremely knowledgeable about Sasquatch and
the whole area. It was such a pleasure. Thank you as well for arranging the schedule to allow us to go on such a beautiful day. You and
Thomas are awesome guides."

Michelle Jacobsen                                                                   (Click
here for photo)
Coquitlam, BC
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for providing what was an absolutely wonderful experience on a spectacular day with
an enormously knowledgeable individual in Tom on the subject of Sasquatch . . . .  not to  mention a hell of a driver in the wilderness. The
view from the destination point was spectacular, supplemented with exposure to sasquatch casts and Tom’s sharing of many stories, both
new and old. Again, an exceptional experience."

Bob Benwick
Surrey, BC
I want to thank you all for the great tour the other day, me and my sister truly enjoyed it and left me with the will to know and see more.
I just watched the documentary "Bigfoot's Reflection" and thought it was really well done, interesting and not sensationalistic - really made
me wanna know more about the subject! I look forward to come back to Harrison and jump on the polaris again.

Filippo Borghi
Calgary, BC
"Our two children and we had the most incredible time with Thomas Steenburg on our sasquatch adventure this past weekend!  We
unanimously give it a 5 star rating with two (BIG) thumbs up!!!  

Thomas, was extremely knowledgeable about the sasquatch, nature and local area and history.  The bonus was that he was captivating in the
way he told his information and research on the sasquatch.  He was so kind and thoughtful of the kids, and he completely won them over
with his sense of humour and thrilling stories of encounters with the sasquatch.  Our daughter aged nine was so excited about the tour that
she begged us to take her to the local bookstore to buy Thomas'
book on the Big Foot- she only put it down this morning as she had to go to
school!  We read stories from Thomas' book in front of our campfire, and the kids really enjoyed that.  It's been great fun for our whole family.

It is our pleasure to give this 5 star recommendation of Bill and Thomas' sasquatch tour to anyone and our friends heading to Harrison.  We
hope to go on the 3 or 4 hour tour the next time we are up, and go further into the backcountry to continue our search!  We did a similar back
country tour with famous Pink Jeeps in Arizona in the Grand Canyon, and we have to say that this sasquatch adventure tour is right up there
with it!"

Lynette O'Leary
Vancouver, BC
"My family had a great time on the tour. This was definately a memorable family trip. We learned so much history and all of our questions were
answered plus some. The scenery was amazing and our guide was an absolute treasure. When my son saw movement in the forest, he did
not hesitate. He stopped the vehicle and we all peeked through binoculars in search of Sasquatch. He was patient kind caring fun and

The kids (age 11 & 3) loved it and the first thing they did after the tour was run to get a Sasquatch teddy bear!! The footprint cast is the prized
posession in our house! This tour was very educational and door opening for the kids. They especially got a kick out of 'face slap alley'--
going through the forest like the Sasquatch lol. We will definately be doing a longer tour next time"

Bryce Tanya Jayden & Branden Cooke
Port Alberni Bc
"I took your company's Sasquatch excursion last Sunday 10/23/16 with Mr. Jim and Mr. Brad.  I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I loved the
scenery and information they provided on the subject of Sasquatch and on the local area.  Holding the
footprint casts was a definite highlight
of my entire trip throughout BC!"

Darren Brown
Ellisville Mississippi
Our extended tour was amazing!!  We had such a great time and Thomas was wonderful! He is an excellent guide. We went to the museum as
well and loved it. Hoping to head back up for the Sasquatch Festival.  Thank you so much.

Amy Hennerberg
Lake Stevens, Washington
Hi Bill,
We had a great time on
our tour and Thomas was very informed, interesting, and entertaining. I am sorry that we didn't get to meet you in
person. Perhaps next time. If you are ever in Utah give me a shout. It would be great to meet up. I have cc'd both my husband and Thomas on
this email and attached some
photos for you to see. I am still not sure I am a believer but I am not a total skeptic. Mike, on the other hand
believes in the possibility even more now.
Thanks so much for checking in.

Sandy, Utah
I had a great day out with Thomas and trainee (Jim) last week. And I just landed a confirmed freelance travel assignment for the story. I'm a
Toronto-based journalist.

Jennifer Bain
Toronto, Canada
The tour was great!  We got photos with the casts, the scenery was awesome, weather sunny around 28C. Thomas was a wonderful host and
very knowledgeable - knows his stuff.  We went to the
Sasquatch Museum in Harrison Hot Springs afterwards and we were very impressed
with it.

Ali Stephen
Nanaimo, BC
Hi Bill,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you did to put the tour together for us on Saturday. We all had a
great time!  It was a
definite highlight for our
visitors from Ontario.

Kelly Earles
Abottsford, BC
(click colored text to view photos)