Bill Miller
In 1998, Bill Miller came to Canada for the first time when he attended a Sasquatch
Conference at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. There he met Thomas
Steenburg, among other dedicated individuals involved with the subject of the Sasquatch.
Since that time he has conducted on-going field research while looking for evidence of the
elusive creature. On numerous occasions he has personally met with eye-witnesses in the
lower Fraser Valley who reported to have had a Sasquatch sighting of their own in the
surrounding area, some of which were published in the Press and News Media. Bill’s
expertise and knowledge of those sightings and their locations makes him a unique guide
for anyone interested in the subject.

Bill is the originator and creator of Sasquatch Country Adventures and also an
investigator/researcher of the Sasquatch in his own right which stems from an occurrence
he personally witnessed dating back to 1980. Over the years he has found and/or seen
footprints left behind by the creature in the remote mountains and waterways bordering
Harrison Lake. In 2003, Bill claims to have actually caught a glimpse of the elusive creature
while scouting regions high above Twenty Mile Bay on Harrison Lake.

Aside from doing in-depth interviews on radio shows and public talks on the topic of the
Sasquatch, Bill's research has been featured on both Shaw and Global News, as well as
Bill's investigative work being written about by the press. In 1996, Bill had participated in a
well received Sasquatch documentary called “
Bigfoot’s Reflection”. Bill has since been
active in the promotion of tourism throughout the lower Fraser Valley, while mainly in
Harrison Lake area..
Thomas Steenburg
Thomas Steenburg is both an investigator and author who has been following-up on
reported encounters with the Sasquatch for the past thirty-three years. He has appeared
in countless news stories on the topic of the Sasquatch in both the press and other media.
To his accomplishments, Thomas has also participated in numerous documentaries on the
Sasquatch such as “
Bigfoot’s Reflection”, as well as episodes of “Monster Quest" to name
a few.  When Thomas isn’t taking reports and investigating the latest Sasquatch sightings
in the lower Fraser Valley, you’ll find him in the field looking for evidence the creature. In
1986, while investigating a sighting report at Chilliwack River, Thomas came across more
than one hundred tracks left behind by the reported Sasquatch said to be seen by several

When Thomas isn't in the field, he is doing interviews and speaking engagements so to
educate the public on the existence of the Sasquatch. He can be found during the summer
months operating a Sasquatch information display in the Village Plaza with Bill Miller on
behalf of local tourism in Harrison Hot Springs. To his long list of  credits, Thomas has
written three books titled, "The Sasquatch in Alberta" (out of print), "
The Continuing Mystery", and “In Search of Giants”. He has also co-authored  “Meet the
Sasquatch” as well as being an authoritative source and supplying Sasquatch related
materials for a number of other Sasquatch books and articles.

Thomas has also proudly served eight years in the Canadian Armed Forces where he
received survival training in the wilderness. Sasquatch Country Adventures deems
Thomas Steenburg an asset to anyone entering the bush.